Maxyne Bursky is an impactful and inspiring speaker, focusing on creating a successful court reporting business. She has recently been invited to speak at reporting association meetings, presenting her seminar “How to Hit the Ground Running Without Actually Hitting the Ground!” It is designed to inspire and encourage new professionals to have fun while at the same time as upholding the principles of verbatim court reporting. That will keep the legal community clamoring for our services for many years to come.

Please email Maxyne with any questions or requests at or call 770-320-7780. To invite her to speak at your school, please allow at least eight weeks notice.

“Hit the Ground Running Without Actually Hitting the Ground!”

This 90 to 120-minute session is designed for students of court reporting, whether studying machine shorthand or voicewriting, as well as for reporters who have been working two years or less. More experienced professionals are also welcome, as it can enhance the novice attendee’s experience to hear input from other veterans in the field, even if their opinion on a particular matter is slightly or even wholly contrary to that of my own.

Elements covered include:

  • what equipment to bring to a deposition
  • the importance of using down time to transcribe
  • continuing education and certification achievement
  • terms of art in different subject matter that, although not necessarily technical, can throw off the unwary reporter
  • how to handle readback in a difficult case to minimize the possibility of fumbling

Attendees will also get anecdotes of my own reporting adventures, to both inspire participants to what is possible in this job, and to let them know that to err is human…and I am VERY human!

There are some elements of physical movement discussed, particularly referring to the free downloadable workbook that pairs with “Talk to the Hands.” This is a very interactive session, and handouts are provided.