Talk to the Hands book coverTalk to the Hands!

A New Book for New Court Reporters

Talk to the Hands! is a practical guide for the new court reporter, with tips on how to hit the ground running – without actually hitting the ground!

This book is an introduction for the senior court reporting student into the world of their intended profession. It is a practical approach to court reporting, addressing differences in the school and work environments, whether in court, at deposition or even at conventions and conferences. This is a practical guide of do’s and don’ts, tips and easy steps in a realistic approach designed to make the graduating student and newly working reporter a better verbatim professional. It will help increase earning potential and build an invaluable reputation. Brown College of Court Reporting uses this book as its text in the Career Development course.

This book provides the newbie with the tools to make a smooth transition into the work environment, whether court or freelance, with practical tips for job interviewing, room setup, and navigating potentially sticky situations, both technically and professionally. This book has you hit the ground running without actually hitting the ground!

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Talk to the Hands! A Companion Workbook and Healthy Living Guide for New Court Reporting Professionals is available as a free download. Purchasers of Talk to the Hands! can request the workbook free.

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Talk to the Hands book coverNEW! Way Off the Record!

Maxyne’s new book, Way Off the Record!, is out! It features several dozen veteran reporters’ amazing tales of adventures on the job, proving that this is one exciting (and sometimes strange) profession! One never knows what excitement awaits in the litigation setting!

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A compilation of nearly 150 terms and phrases that are commonly used in depositions and hearings. Many of these are everyday words, but spoken in a way unfamiliar to the new reporter because these words are utilized in a legal settings, including medical, technical, environmental, etc. Maxyne not only provides easy-to-understand definitions, but also gives you the pronunciation of phrases that might throw you off-balance. By supplying your email address, you will receive a TERM-inator update every six months free of charge!

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Good Dogs with Bad Names

This book characterizes the hilarious pitfalls of predictable pet names, and on a more serious note, details the advantages of animal adoption from private breed rescue organizations.  For 15 years, Maxyne has been an active member of Buddies Thru Bullies, a rescue specializing in the rehabilitation and adoption of English bulldogs.

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