Maxyne Bursky has mentored and coached students and new reporters for many years. She is a member of the NCRA Virtual Mentor program and has lectured at reporting schools in several states. As a Certified Performance Coach, Maxyne offers personal and business coaching, by telephone or in-person.

The weekly sessions usually focus on what you want in life and how to create results by using the strengths you already have. It’s also important to look at what may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Coaching provides the opportunity to propel yourself to the next level in court reporting as well as in personal life.

Setting and achieving short-term objectives, including new speedbuilding practices, self-acknowledgement, physical space reworking and even meditation, are all important components for success, especially in a field as demanding as court reporting.

Whether working as a machine writer or a voicewriter, the principles and objectives are the same: do what you love and love what you do.  Performance coaching is not instruction related to your reporting equipment. It is about meeting you mental, emotional and physical needs, so you can take on the opportunities that this exciting field presents.

Weekly coaching sessions are usually one hour in length. Coaching is $300 per month, one-month minimum. Coaching relationships often continue for months or even years.

Maxyne feels it is essential to create rapport from the get-go, so a 30-minute introductory session is available free of charge. Please call 770.320.7780 or email Maxyne at for an appointment, and start working on your fabulous new career from the inside out!